The show must go on…

Yesterday I spoke a little about not fitting in with the partying crowd. I did fit in pretty well with the theater group. It wasn’t boring! That’s for sure.

Here are a couple of pictures from my favorite shows over the years. I played the part of Glinda. It wasn’t a very challenging part, but it was fun. The costume that they picked out for me was totally ugly. So I went into my crawl space and opened the box that contained my vacuum packed wedding dress. It still fit!

Then I played the part of Cinderella. It contained a few challenging songs. My husband played the part of the prince. We had a couple of mishaps during the show. The most memorable was when the smoke machine went off when it wasn’t supposed to. It made a farting hissing noise and leaked out a little smoke. I was on stage with a brand new actor playing the part of my father. It took everything I had to keep a straight face when he glanced over and smiled nervously at me.

The most challenging and my personal favorite part was Ms. Scarlet in Clue. My husband played the part of my romantic interest, Mr. Green. Being a married couple really allowed us to beef up some of the scenes. Afterwards, people asked us if we were married to each other, because if we weren’t we wouldn’t be married anymore! Every performance was different because the audience randomly selected the murderer and the weapon from game cards. After the show, we had some pretty crazy parties that involved dancing on the dice, with or without weapons. There goes my career in politics! LOL

I also played the part of the Sour Kangaroo in Seussical. It was another fun part, although I looked utterly ridiculous.

As an introvert, you may be surprised that I am into performing. It is absolutely exhilarating. I will never forget the time that a stranger came up to me and asked me what I was doing in this small town. “Honey, you should be on Broadway!” It is fun and rewarding.

When you spent 3 months working closely with other people, they become like family. It is very tight back stage in more ways than one. There is one small changing room. We have walked in on people in their bra and undies when there are only a few minutes for a costume change. Everyone is frantically hurrying around back stage partially dressed or sitting on the bench bored waiting for their part.

The next two weekends, Paul and Angel will be performing. I wasn’t able to this time, but I will again. Right now almost half of the people are sick. Hell week is very stressful. Sunday started hell week with 8 hours of practice. Then they practice until late every night until the show. Put that on top of other obligations such as work, family, and school. If one person gets sick, it spreads pretty quickly. Angel woke up this morning with a fever and sore throat. In two days, she has to perform. She has a very challenging high soprano part that she needs to have a voice for. Thankfully, I took her in and she does not have strep. But she has to sing so high that it strains her voice when she isn’t sick which makes me worry about her damaging her vocal cords for her future career.

Sometimes there is more drama back stage than on. Like the time that one of the actors committed suicide right before the show. Or the woman with a main part who got incarcerated two weeks before. Or the lead that had a bad break up with another performer and dropped out of the show during hell week. Or the woman who had a miscarriage the morning of a double show where she had to play the part of a mother. I am not kidding, these things really happened!

The show must go on…

Sometimes you fall in love with your character. It is fun to act like someone else for awhile. I love dressing up in costumes. I love learning challenging music. Then just like that, it is over. You shed a few tears, strike the set, and say good bye to your new family and fans until the next show.

One thought on “The show must go on…

  1. OMG! Great photos, Alissa or should I call you Glinda? So much fun. I hope Angel feels better in time for her show. And I have to say, young lady, you are absolutely beautiful.. 🙂

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