299.00 Infantile Autism, paragraph 10

Matt is having some trouble with other children. He thinks they are laughing at him. The parents have worked with this very well to try and understand that sometimes people have their own reasons for laughing and it might not have anything at all to do with him. Matt is still at the stage where if an adult scolds other children, Matt thinks he is being yelled at. It was reported that Matt’s general response to school was positive. He doesn’t like to get up in the morning but once that bridge is crossed he doesn’t have any difficulty getting on the big bus now that his sister is on the big bus.

I had to add the little bit at the end about me, the sister that gets on the big bus. I thought it was cute.

Matt did have trouble with other kids. I remember clearly Matt having the same recess time as the other kids and I. While the whole idea of getting him involved with regular ed kids was great, it really didn’t work out too well. Especially on the far unsupervised ends of the playground. I remember the constant teasing and mocking of his bizarre movements in the high pitched laughter of the mean girls. He heard this laughter long after it disappeared. To tell you the truth, so did I. It was haunting. Sometimes after Matt attacked someone, he said he could hear them laughing at him when no one was.

He also felt if someone was getting scolded, it was directed at him whether it was or not. This was problematic at home since my parents had four children within five years. Home life with my three younger brothers was never quiet. However, we were not allowed to express anger or argue in any way around Matt. He would always think that it was directed at him which meant a meltdown which meant that someone was going to get hurt. Usually that someone was me.

For a long period of time, I felt like it was wrong to feel angry. I had a big burning ball of fire locked inside consuming me. But that was a long time ago.

It has been many years since I road on the big bus.

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