299.00 Infantile Autism, the last paragraph

Medically speaking, I should summarize the things that are of note. Matt is on mega vitamins 2 times per day and the pills that he is taking are truly fantastic in description. I would be concerned that the levels of some of the drugs may be exceedingly high. There is the gluten sensitivity and dairy product intolerance…He is continuing to fall farther off the growth curve in weight.

Matt has been on high doses of vitamins all his life in addition to a very healthy diet. His meals consist mainly of meat and organic vegetables. He doesn’t eat desserts or drink soda. He was on a gluten free diet since the 1980’s before it became a “fad”. There weren’t any gluten free box mixes in those days or even any labels that stated the product contains gluten. I am not here today to express my opinion on a gluten free diet. I just want to explain what happened as accurately as I can remember.

Matt spent most of his childhood gluten and dairy free. He did not take dairy pills in order to drink milk or eat ice cream. When he was in his early 20’s, Matt had some stomach issues that caused extreme weight loss. He was already thin to begin with. Around that time, Matt started seeing a new psychiatrist. The doctor told my mom that the special diet was hogwash. My mom reluctantly went with the new doctor’s recommendation of dismissing the gluten free diet. Matt started eating new foods like pizza. I am sure that my mom wanted him to gain weight.

Matt started hearing voices again right around the same time he began to eat a regular diet. The voices became obsessive about hurting my daughter Angel. I remember the day of her 4th birthday party in slow motion. Angel was twirling around smiling and dancing. She said, “Everyone watch me”. Matt said, “Everyone watch this”. Matt grabbed Angel’s arm and started twisting it behind her back. My husband and brother Luke had to wrestle Matt off of Angel. The party was over.

Luke drove Matt back home. On the ride home, Matt muttered to himself. He laughed like a demon possessed madman. He whispered. He didn’t respond when spoken to. His eyes were wild, his pupils constricted.

My mom blamed the attack on gluten. I was skeptical. I told my mom that I didn’t want Matt around my children because I was afraid that next time he would seriously hurt them. She pleaded with me for visitation promising to keep Matt on a strict gluten free diet. But I wasn’t convinced that the diet had anything to do with it at all.

How could gluten cause auditory hallucinations? How could it cause the biggest psychotic episode in Matt’s adult life? How can a food effect behavior? It really doesn’t make sense. I can understand a physical response from a food allergy such as hives. But an emotional response sounds crazy.

After the episode, my mom put Matt back on his gluten and dairy free diet. The voices that he heard that day went away and haven’t come back. I don’t understand how that could even be possible.

Many things that happened with Matt over the years are a mystery. The puzzle pieces just don’t seem to fit together. Sometimes I wonder if you will think I am crazy. I am compelled to tell you about it anyway. Maybe someday someone somewhere will be able to figure it out.

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