Going to California

By this time tomorrow, I will be in California. I have never been there before, but heard that it is nice. 

The first couple of days we will be attending a conference. Then we will be just a couple of Midwestern hicks out for an adventure.

We were told that the average high in September where we are going is 100 degrees. Wow, that is hot! I don’t remember ever having a 100 degree day in Wisconsin. Neither does Paul. I think I remember a couple of mid to upper 90 degree days back in the 1980’s. Some summers we don’t even see 90. 

I am going to try to have fun and not worry. What is the worst that could happen?? Well, I could think of a number of things..

Did I tell you that last weekend my daughter went to her first college party? She only told me because she didn’t like it. Everyone was really drunk or high crammed into a small room and right after she got there someone mentioned the word cops. It wasn’t her thing…Oh, I hope I am as lucky with the rest of my kids..

I worry a lot about Alex driving, but that is a worry that will plague me either here or there. I really don’t have a lot of control. I can’t complain too much about him. He has settled down a lot with his new girlfriend. The neighborhood trouble making friend of his moved away and he has been making new friends that stay out of trouble as much as can be expected. Alex is even talking about bringing up his grades and going to school for business. PTL, miracles do happen…We’ll see…

I don’t worry too much about Arabella yet…

You know, maybe my kids should be worried about me. 

I am planning on letting me hair down a little. Well, okay, that might be hard because I cut all my long hair off. Lol. 

We will be meeting up with our friend Joe… Nights with him included going to one of the scariest haunted houses in the country. Then there was the evening at Coyote Ugly.. Plus our vendors take us out for expensive meals and throw extravagant parties with an open bar, top shelf included.. Business owners probably make up the largest group of mostly functional alcoholics that I know. The stress of that level of responsibility is enormous. Plus the free drinks…

So, yeah, I am going to let my hair down just a little more than usual. 

Hey, I never went to one college party. For most of my college career, I commuted so I could stay home and help my mom with my autistic brother. I also gave up a year of middle school and two years of high school to homeschool to support my mom while my brother was home bound. My mom would say I had a choice. I feel like I had as much choice as a millionaire given the option to help a parent that has been evicted and will be out on the streets. Let’s just say that I learned a lot but I didn’t live a lot.

So, I live my life to the fullest right now. I am not talking about drinking. I don’t care about that one way or another really. To me, it means not being too serious and having a little fun once in awhile.

The rest of the At this point, I want t tell you that everyone lived happily ever after. Unfortunately things didn’t end well. Dan and his wife moved across the country. He was in the military and was deployed overseas. During this time, Dan’s father-in-law passed away. Dan’s wife moved back home and the marriage fell apart almost a year later.week we will be touring CA. I have plans to stay somewhere nice with Paul mid week. I can’t say where right now because he reads my posts and that wouldn’t be much of a surprise then would it? It’s his birthday next week and I planned something special just for him. Don’t worry I will post pictures and write a full review. Then we are going to finish the week at a bed and breakfast near the ocean.

I was planning on surfing for the first time. Then a friend of ours said that he was surfing on the same beach we are going to and a sting ray tail went right through his foot. What??? That could happen? Maybe we will sail instead. I am going to have to do more research apparently. The only threat we have in our waters is hypothermia. Not sharks. Not stings rays. Not alligators. Are there alligators in CA? I don’t even know. I thought they were just in Florida. Lol. 

Well, I’ve got a lot of research to do yet and I have to get packing…

Next time you will hear from me I will be in sunny California. My mom is worried that once I go there that I will never come back. She should worry since she is watching the kids…

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