Some April Fool’s Day joke


Yes, it’s snowing again! I told my husband this morning that it was supposed to snow today. He said nice try, I do realize it is April Fool’s Day. But I wasn’t joking.

I decided not to play any pranks this year. Maybe I am getting old. I was just not feeling it. Plus I couldn’t think of anything great that I didn’t already previously do.

Sometimes life can be a big enough joke and today was one of those days.

In February, I had a meeting scheduled with the dean of students to talk about Alex’s graduation. I was feeling very positive after the meeting although I was feeling very negative going into it. We came up with a plan that involved a lot of choices on Alex’s part. I thought it was a great plan and I was feeling more positive than I was in a very long time.

Alex applied at the local tech college for this fall. He got a job working in retail. Some days he has to be at work on the weekends at the crack of dawn or work late on a Saturday night. Things have been going great. I’ve even noticed a greater effort on his part to get up earlier and be to school on time. Until this morning, that is.

I was worried that I would be getting a call from the school and I did. But it wasn’t the type of call I was expecting. I received a call from the school saying Alex didn’t even show up today. I was really confused since things seemed to have turned around so wonderfully. I even asked the secretary if it was some kind of April Fool’s Day joke. I also received an email from the school counselor saying that my son would also be dropped from a class if his absence was unexcused.

I was stressing. Now I am not so sure my son will be graduating next month.

I tried to get a hold of my son to no avail. I was feeling very worried and upset. I told my husband what was going on and he could tell from my expression that it wasn’t a joke. We blamed each other, argued a bit, and then came up with a fairly solid game plan.

My son texted me back a while later. He was in a dead zone when I called. He said that he got an excuse from a teacher to work on a group project. He would straighten everything out with the school later. Why didn’t he just tell us that ahead of time??

The April Fool’s Day joke was on me. The strange thing is that nobody really was playing the joke.

April Fool’s Day

For years and years, I have tricked my husband with some April Fool’s Day prank or another. This year he really got me good. Since we work together, this morning he told me that we lost one of our biggest clients. He told me to come and see the email for myself. I went over by him to look and he pointed at April Fool’s Day written on his calendar. Dang! Now I need some good ideas to get him back..

Here have been some of my favorite pranks over the years…

When I was in grade school, there was this girl that stood year after year by the entrance of the school. She held a little cardboard jewelry box with a finger in it. She told everyone that the finger was her dad’s. He cut it off in some gory work accident. Everyone wanted to touch “his” finger that was gently wrapped in tissue paper. I remember the finger being cold and clammy. All the girls would shriek. Best grade school joke ever.

Every year one of my kids puts a rubber band around the sprayer on the kitchen sink. I will have to be careful of that later when they get home from school.

One of the favorite pranks that my husband pulled was on a friend of his a long time ago. He used to host a Bible study for men at our house. The first thing that one of the guys would do when he showed up was run into the bathroom to change his clothes. It was kind of a strange routine. It was not as if we would care if he wore his work clothes, etc..So we knew the first thing that he would do was go to the bathroom to change. Paul got the idea to video tape an empty bathroom. When the man went into the bathroom to change, we all laughed loudly. When he came out of the bathroom, he saw the empty bathroom on our TV screen. Terrible prank!

So over the years I have tricked him with little things like “I’m pregnant” or “you have something on your shirt.” I have the hardest time keeping a straight face!

Do you have any great ideas or funny pranks that you have tried?? I need to get my husband back. Lol