First blog ever

Well I guess I can check publish a writing off my bucket list since there is a little button in the corner that says publish. Yes!

My bucket list:
1. Write something that gets published. Check.
2. Run a marathon (already signed up and bought the sticker).
3. Travel to all the continents except Antarctica (I live in Wisconsin people, we have seen enough cold weather to last a lifetime).
4. Read the bible in a year (half way there).
5. Be a lead singer in a band.
6. Drink green beer all day on St. Patrick’s day (we covered the living in WI part already).
7. Get a tattoo.

Last year I turned the big 40, thought I better get my bucket list together. This week I started working on training for a marathon. Today I ran 18 miles for the first time. Just happened to be the hottest day of the year so far. My goal was to run it without stopping (success). My next goal will be to run it without swearing! 😄

My basic theory about running is that runners are masochists. I mean really, every part of your body hurts sometimes for days. You could loose toenails. People think you are crazy, I am. Young people that are into cutting, think about running instead. Really, I’m serious. And the runner’s high, well that is nice but short lived. Always happens around mile 8, that point when you feel like your going to pass out. You know I have the runner’s high if you see me run a little crooked.

Last week I ran my first half marathon. I did it in 2 hours and 5 minutes. Didn’t meet my goal of under 2 hours. In my defense it was really humid. I told my brain to start sprinting at mile 10. I did, up a damn hill. Note to self, check elevation map. Passed all the walkers though, running up that damn hill. Even missed people handing out the beer, damn damn hill. So much for sprinting the last 3 miles. Oh well. I did see my uncle though standing alone in a grassy area in a full suit. Runner’s high? He wasn’t there.

Half my family congratulated me on the big run. My brother said he could outrun me (good luck) and my dad said that my legs may be strong but my arms are weak. I say thanks for the motivation (well that’s not what I really thought).

I’ll let you know if I can walk tomorrow.

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