45 seconds

Yesterday was the first anniversary of my first race. I ran the 10k for the second time yesterday. It was a roller coaster ride of emotions. At first I thought I beat last year’s time (woo hoo), then I realized that I did not (boo hoo). 45 seconds off! You are thinking, what is the big deal? I am a highly competitive person which has always been a great strength and a great weakness. I also believe the misconception that if you work twice as hard, that you will do better. The false belief that if you brush ten times a day and floss ten times a day, you will avoid that cavity that is starting. If I am training for a marathon, I should beat last year’s time when I was just training for a 10k. I felt discouraged, mentioned the word quitting, and was downright pissy. Then I checked the results online, realized I moved up into the next age group, and saw that I was in the top 7% of my age group. I will take it! I will try harder to not beat myself up over the 45 seconds. 

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