Craters of the Moon, Idaho

The first half of our trip we stayed in Twin Falls, Idaho and the second half we stayed in West Yellowstone, Montana. From point A to point B, it was about a five hour drive. So we decided to break up our drive with a stop at Craters of the Moon.

This park was created by a volcano. The craters were mostly black. In most areas it looked like a freshly cultivated muddy field. We hiked up this hill and were surprised to find the picture below on top. This on top of a hill of rocky soil in a dry climate. Made me think of the weeds growing back at home.

It was another very hot day when we visited, over 100 degrees.

We decided to visit some of the caves. We had to get a permit to go inside which they never asked us for upon arrival into the caves. They asked us if we’ve been to a cave within the last 15 years and if we were wearing the same clothes or glasses. They said a certain bat disease can live that long on our clothes and couldn’t be washed off. Although I was apprehensive about bats, we didn’t see any.

The caves were not at all what I was expecting either. We didn’t go down into a dark tunnel with dripping water and bats. It was more like a tunnel with openings in it so a flashlight was not necessary. The surface was not flat at all. We had to hike over big rocks on uneven ground that threatened to twist an ankle.

There was also a short trail to see the last remaining snowfall. I was expecting to turn a corner and see a mountain covered with snow but instead saw this dirty bit of snow in a crevice. Although it was surprising to see because it was very hot outside.

It cost us $20 to get in which was worth the money. The terrain is unique. I’ve never seen anything like it before. I thought the park was very well maintained. It’s literally out in the middle of nowhere. I think we saw a sign that said last gas station in 50 miles. There was nothing but mountains in the distance and large open spaces. It wasn’t a tourist trap either. I would highly recommend a visit if you ever find your way out there.

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