Our trip to Curacao

We stayed at the recently opened Sandals resort in Curacao. No one from our area knew where this Caribbean island was located nor could they pronounce it. The island is located in South America next to the island of Aruba in the Atlantic time zone. They are known for the drink Blue Curacao.

We were able to check in mid-afternoon instead of evening since we were able to move up our flight a little due to the snowstorm at home. This vacation provided a much needed escape from the stressors of home. We spent a lot of time sitting on the beach. It was warm and always quite breezy. We spent our time relaxing on the beach, snorkeling, sailing the Hobie Cats, playing fuzzball, and dancing to a DJ on the sand of the beach.

One day as I was walking to the bathroom I got called over to play a game of Bingo. I probably had the worst card of everyone. But then they were going to play a game where the biggest loser won. I said I could win that game. The game leader gave us each four game cards and if a number of ours was called we had to flip our card over and could no longer use it. I ended up winning the game and was told I would be given a prize. I was invited to play more games but I didn’t want to be gone for a long time as I just told my husband I was going to a little walk to the bathroom. That evening a bed runner (like a table runner but for the bed) appeared in our room. I sure hope that was my prize because I took it home.

The following day I played Name That Tune and was one of the top winners. Finally all the useless music trivia that swirls around it my head was put to good use. Afterwards, we went to lunch and when we were coming back to the beach the game leader for that game came up to me and said she was looking for me everywhere. She told me I could pick a bottle of wine off a wine list for our supper that night. Although it was all inclusive, there still were special bottles we could order. My husband and I were lead to believe it was a prize for my knowledge of useless music trivia. The lady told me to go online and give her a good review for taking care of us. Then when it was time to leave, we ended up getting charged for the bottle of wine. Other than that, the service was exemplary. Everyone went out of their way to make the stay a nice experience for guests.

One day we rented a taxi and went into Willemstad with another couple. We did this on a Sunday which was not the best day to go because the markets were closed. We did visit a few of the shops that were open and went out to eat. We walked across the floating bridge and watched it open to the side when boats came in.

We really enjoyed the infinity pool. I thought the food was good, although there were a few dishes I didn’t care for. Paul thought the food was amazing. I really liked some of the signature drinks at a few of the restaurants. All and all, I would rate the vacation a 7. We did see a huge rat run through one of the restaurants in the evening and there was a sickly cat roaming around that needed care. We did see some interesting animals such as an iguana. The first day we enjoyed a couples massage. It was very relaxing. In general, it was great to just get away from home for several days. We really enjoy Sandals resorts, this is the third one we stayed at. The things I liked best were the view, the service, and there is always something to see and do. I liked the all inclusive part of the trip and not having to worry about hidden expenses. Even though there was no tipping, the service did not suffer.

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