The 20 minute trip to Canada

Ok, last night’s blog was pretty intense. Whew. So I’ll lighten things up a little with the 20 minute trip to Canada. I once had an eccentric great aunt named Grace. Grace was the God fearing, feminist, firstborn matriarch of our small clan. Grace was always right, always did the right things, and was rich. She also had 3 younger brothers and out of those four siblings came one child, my dad. Grace never married, lived at home except the time she spent in the military during WWII, and made it up to VP at the local bank in a time where most women didn’t finish high school. 

One day my aunt Grace heard about a women’s church conference out in South Dakota. She loaded up my mom, dad, youngest brother Luke, and myself in her little two door Cutlass to take a drive a couple of states away to check it out. Once we got there we found that all of the hotel rooms within a 2 hour radius were sold out. Whoops! We checked out the conference for a half an hour then drove 2 hours to find a hotel room. After making several cattle stops, we ended up in a small town out in the middle of nowhere. Small charming hick town like the one I grew up in. We went to a restaurant with 5 tables and I was excited to find out that the jukebox played songs without money. 

Leaving the conference behind, I talked my aunt into driving a couple of hours to go to this amazing water park. I was so excited. We got there and toured the water park with so many kids having a great time. After the tour I wanted to stay, but my aunt said that I got to “see” the water park and it was time to go. She was hungry and she was paying for the trip. I refused my lunch. I am the type of person that can eat only one chip without eating the whole bag. 

Then we drove to Wyoming to take a one hour hike around Devil’s Tower and it was time to drive back home to WI. Except my aunt wanted to drive an extra 8 hours to Canada to buy tea. So off to Canada we go. There was a national holiday in Canada when we got there. My aunt found her tea in 20 minutes and back to the border we went. My dad bought a case of beer. Being the honest man that he is, he told the people at the border which resulted in a full car search. Who goes to Canada for 20 minutes? Crazy!! Crazy. 

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