Marathon training, week 3

I’ll let you in on a little secret. I am done training for the week. I was done after running my 6 miles on Monday. Okay, stop now. I can hear you saying, “Man, that girl is lazy.” “Let’s stop reading this crap.” “Why is she blogging on the running page again?” Whispers, gossip, and oh my’s. 

I have to redeem myself here. I am saving up a little running energy for a 10k on Saturday. The one year anniversary of my first race, the same race I did last year which I completed in 52 minutes and some odd seconds. I would like to finish in less than 52 minutes this year, less than 50 would be better, and last year my friend finished in 48 minutes. Yes, she is a couple years younger and has longer legs. Hmm. At least I am not in her age group anymore and she is moving out of the area. So I should be safe. Phew.

You’re still not convinced? Rough audience today. Okay, how about last night I sailed in my first ever sailboat race with my husband. What? Who told you we took last place? Well, it technically wasn’t last because 2 boats didn’t show. Oh well. I sure could use a little motivation. Which shirt should I wear for the race? I can’t decide….

1) I run because I really like beer. (I do really like beer but when I finish it will be too early to start drinking it.)

2) Honk if you’re going to hit me. (More of a road runner shirt, don’t need a gaggle of geese behind me.)

3) I run because punching people is frowned upon. (A little too aggressive maybe for a 10k? I don’t want to have disorderly conduct written all over me before the race starts.)

4) Training to be dauntless. (Wore this one for the half.)

5) You think I’m crazy for running, you should see me when I don’t run. 

1, 2, 3, 4, or 5??? 

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