My mom said that if something ever happened to my dad or her that we would live with my aunt and uncle. She said that I would like it there because they had a piano. My aunt was also a schoolteacher. Unlike my dad, who is an only child, my mom has many siblings. Every year my aunt and uncle, the guardians, would bring their two young sons over to go to the county fair with us. It was always the highlight of the summer. 

One year my mom invited them over to eat supper with us. Now this was a high risk venture as meal times were always stressful. We did not have people over for supper. Something happened at the table, what happened I could not say because I don’t remember anything out of the norm happening that day besides having company over for supper. I think that Matt had a meltdown and maybe attacked someone. I think it was my mom. Nothing out of the norm, so I don’t remember. I just remember Matt screaming. My aunt ran out of the house and locked herself in her car. She was upset and crying. I don’t think we made it to the fair that year. 

My mom was crying, she said my aunt and uncle didn’t want to be our guardians anymore. 

2 thoughts on “Guardians

  1. This is heartbreaking. I’m far too attuned to living in a world like this. I don’t think people know how far even a tiny amount of understanding, tolerance, and compassion for autistics goes in making my life livable. Being autistic isn’t all that bad until you see how people treat you.

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