Marathon training, week 4

Yesterday I pounded out 12 miles on the pavement. I was going to wait until Thursday to start up again after the 10k this last Saturday. But I felt no pain, no need to recover. I still feel some disappointment over the 45 seconds. What I didn’t tell you earlier is that the whole week leading up to the race my acid reflux was eating away at me. I sat with the garbage can next to me at work. The morning of the race I took my Prilosec, liquid antacid, and tums and still was in a moderate level of pain three quarters of the race.  I was more disappointed that no matter what I did I could not control the nawing pain inside of me. I know that it is silly to feel disappointment when I did the best I could under the circumstances. I also know that it is silly to feel anger when blogging about something that happened 30 years ago (guardians). But I will take feeling any day over the alternative. There was a time in my life that I did not feel any negative emotions. What a great way to protect yourself from pain you can’t handle. But guess what? I couldn’t feel any positive emotions either. I was just a shell of a person trying to survive. 

I have a new running partner. I would like to say that it is my son who ran the 10k with my husband and I. He was egging us on quite a bit with talk of beating us without training. He did not beat either one of us, but would like to try again with a 5k. Whatever gets him off the couch.

My new running partner is my daughter’s 17 year old friend. We got a mile into our first run together when a man in a service truck whistled at us rather loudly. I laughed for the whole next mile. It really isn’t safe for women to run by themselves on deserted country roads. My first running partner is super model gorgeous and you wouldn’t believe how many local service truck guys stopped us to ask for directions. My new running partner said she was more likely to be kidnapped by her dad who is stalking her instead of a service guy. Both of my running partners, like me, are outrunning many demons. They are both younger and faster too. They could leave me in their dust. Don’t worry honey, I have your back. Literally. 

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