Tomorrow…quiet, relaxing…marathon..

Tomorrow I’m running a marathon…quiet, relaxing weekend…seeing the musical Chicago this afternoon…quiet, relaxing…Tomorrow I’m running a marathon!…graduation gift for Angel…sipping wine…relaxing evening…Tomorrow I’m running a marathon!!…taking her out to eat at a nice restaurant…Tomorrow I’m running a marathon!!!…quiet, relaxing weekend…

TOMORROW I”M RUNNING A MARATHON!!! Now what did I get myself into?? Probably not a quiet, relaxing weekend. But exciting, yes it will be that…

6 thoughts on “Tomorrow…quiet, relaxing…marathon..

  1. A marathon is an amazing feat of mind over body. You are an animal! Please try to take in the whole experience–the crowd, the cheering and support, the sights/sounds/smells, and the camaraderie with your fellow athletes.

    If and when you boink –“one block at a time……one block at a time” and remember there are not many people who can do what you’re doing.

    Have a blast!

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  2. Ah–I completely understand that.

    I’ve done five. But no more I was.a sprinter trying to do endurance. They tore me up. Half marathons are SO much more fun for me.

    Hope your injuries are behind you and you enjoy the whole experience. It’s about time you thought about bed, don’t you think? đŸ˜‰ Good luck!

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    • I thought you sounded like you were talking from experience. Now you could sit and watch the runners from the comfort of your sailboat. Enjoy your adventures this summer. If we ever cross paths on water or sea, I’ll be sure to say “hi”. If you have time check out my post The accidental overnight sail from my July archives. Pretty funny mishap of inexperienced sailors. I am looking forward to hearing about your adventures.

      I agree, I think half marathons are much more enjoyable. This will probably be my last marathon.


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