Where the water is greener than the grass

Last night we just got home from our last sailing trip of the season. It’s hard to believe that summer is almost over and it’s September now. The neighborhood kids are back in school. I turned off the A/C because there is a chill in the air.

The cruise was successful. This trip contained planned spontaneity whereas our last trip was goal oriented. We were planning on crossing Lake Michigan last time and couldn’t find a weather window within our planned dates. So we have yet to check crossing Lake Michigan in our sailboat off our bucket list.

This trip was much more laid back. Our goal was to sail and we achieved that goal. There weren’t as many problems at home this time. My son called thinking he might have strep as his girlfriend tested positive, but at least it wasn’t COVID this time. I got calls about relatively minor problems and longed for the prehistoric days before I was easily accessible. Someday I should just leave my phone at home and let everyone figure it out for themselves. All in all, the trip went really well. The biggest problem is that I haven’t been sleeping well.

We had up to 5 sailboats along with us for the cruise. Everyone really seemed to mesh well. There weren’t any disagreements, problems, or even debates about politics or vaccinations. The weather was perfect. We just had a really nice time. I almost wish I could adopt some of them into my family.

It was pretty funny too. People sometimes think the craziest things. One of Paul’s good friends was on the cruise. He told me that he wished his wife was more like me. I told him to be careful what he wished for. This guy is a big drinker. If I was married to him I would spend countless hours trying to whip him into shape probably more than his wife does. But he is not my husband so what do I care? Just a disclaimer, no one got really drunk and stupid. Pretty much everyone was in bed by 10. So not everything you hear about sailors is true. Or maybe it was because I was the youngest one on the trip at age 47.

Another lady I really like told me that she thinks I have the perfect family. I must’ve laughed for about 10 minutes straight on that one. Lady, do you read my blog?? Obviously not. Seriously! How funny.

The comments really made me wonder what people think about me and how we view other people in general. What we see on the outside is really no indication of what is on the inside at all. How many of us think the grass is greener on the other side but have never been out to see inside their house? Pity the poor person who wants to be me. Surprise! How much do we really know about other people versus how much do we think we know?

Regardless, we had a great sailing trip. We had a lot of good meaningful conversations. We spent the night at a new previously unvisited marina. It really was a great time for the last hurrah. I did take a couple of pictures to make you envious if you don’t live in my state. The grass may not be greener, but the water sure is. Ha ha, Green Bay. Okay, maybe that wasn’t the best slogan to make you feel green with envy. Time to call it quits before the jokes get worse.

Some days it’s smooth sailing…

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