Gratitude week 175

  1. Even though it’s been a cold spring, things are starting to bloom. The grass will soon need mowing. Our decorative pond is up and running.
  2. The last ditch effort to get our ice machine working worked.
  3. Volunteering today with my daughter Angel sorting kids clothes.
  4. I started screening films for next year’s film festival. Unfortunately so far they have all been duds. But it’s been fun.
  5. Angel and Dan came for supper last night and visited for awhile.
  6. We were able to get Arabella into an inpatient program.
  7. Going to rummage sales with my daughter and her friend. No real great finds, but I enjoyed it anyway. I’m happy for the start of rummage sale season.
  8. I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do for Mother’s Day and I think I figured something out. Since two of my kids are talented musicians, I want to create a song with them for Mother’s Day.

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