Marathon training, week 2, take 2

It has been a busy week with the end of the school year. I attended 2 graduations just this week alone. So it has been hard enough to train, much less write. Now before you start feeling sorry for me, I will confess that I am planning on spending the weekend up north at our family’s cabin on the lake. You will find me at the beach in a lounge chair with a nice cold beer. Never mind that it probably won’t even top 70 degrees this weekend. Oh well. Reality may be sitting huddled up next to a fire with a cup of coffee. 

I achieved my goals for this week which included a 6 mile run, an hour of Jillian  Michaels no more trouble zones, 3 miles of interval training, and ended today with a 12 mile run. Just adding a little more intensity to my normal weekly routine made the 12 mile run today challenging, but it was done without stopping. 

The funny thing is that I was never planning on being a runner. My husband and a friend of mine were running first. I thought they were crazy. I told my friend that if her husband started running that I would run too. Last year her husband finished the Ironman. Geez. 

I have been running about 5 years now and racing for one. I have been consistently finishing in the top 15% of my age group. Last year I completed two 10k’s and one 5k. Two were smaller races and I took a second and a third in my age group. I completed my first half last month and I am hoping with a lot of hard work I can be above 15% on these future races. We’ll see. 

Last month, while waiting in my corral for the half to start, I found the place where I belong. I wish it didn’t take so long. 

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