Like a drunken sailor


I’m tired. We sailed for 12 hours yesterday. I feel drunk, but I am sober. My body sways back and forth. I couldn’t walk a straight line if I had to.

We left the harbor yesterday morning to take a sailing club cruise to a park. We took 2 other couples, one that never sailed before. We started the morning off with mimosas. We sailed to our destination and had a cook out. We weren’t able to hike as much as I would’ve liked. One of the ladies on the cruise just had knee surgery a couple months back and couldn’t do all of the walking. We were able to snap a couple pictures though.

It was a great sail home..We motored for awhile and caught the wind that took us home without having to jibe. I fell asleep for a couple minutes sitting straight up in the cabin. For some reason I can relax on the boat. You can sometimes find me sleeping when we are heeling with one side almost touching the water.

There was a new sailor out with his girlfriend and they didn’t make it back in time for the race because she was very afraid of the heeling. I think there might be another boat for sale..Hmmm..

There was a cruise in the morning and a full moon race in the evening. Being overachievers (or over planners) as we are, we signed up for both. We had an hour between the cruise and the race where we rushed to pick up something to eat to get back to the boat. Paul was stressed because he didn’t have enough time to plan the race route.

We quickly raced back to the boat and arrived in time for our next crew, our friends Ted and Cindy. It was a warm and breezy evening. It didn’t take long before we put on pants and coats though. Even during the hottest months of the year, the evenings can be cool especially on the water.

At the end of the evening, I was starting to feel a little seasick. I thought I might throw up, but didn’t. We finally got back to shore around 11 PM. We saw distant fireworks going off. It was a beautiful evening to be on the water.

When I went to bed last night everything was rocking. I woke up feeling like I was hungover although I didn’t have much to drink. Drinking anything became distasteful after awhile when I was feeling seasick. I didn’t drink enough water.

This morning I was tired, foggy, and floating. The room swayed back and forth. I felt like a drunken sailor, but was sober.

I almost feel ready to go back to work tomorrow..

DSC_0042 (1)

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