Day 6: Sister Bay


We couldn’t escape the rain.

If we left the marina today, we would’ve been faced with the strong winds and waves of yesterday with the addition of rain. We decided to stay an extra day or two in Sister Bay. Tomorrow we are facing 40 mph winds and a high of 62 with the cold front that came in.

We caught a glimpse of the schooner we saw out on the water a few days before snug in the slip across from ours.

This afternoon our group is taking a cab to the winery.

As for now, I am sitting here in the boat writing while watching the rain fall.

We are doing a load of laundry. Last night after finally being able to shower, we hung out our towels to dry but they never did. My towel smells so musty that after showering today I felt dirty drying off with it. Paul threw everything together in the washer…towels, dark warms, dark colds, and whites. It really threw off my anal laundry sorting fetish, so I had Paul do the wash..

It’s starting to thunder..

The clothes didn’t dry well in the dryer. We couldn’t put them in longer since we were leaving and our friends were waiting for us to use the dryer. So we hung half wet clothes and towels around the boat.

The cab driver drove up from Green Bay which was quite the hike (almost an hour and a half one way). She took us to the Lautenbach Winery where we sampled wine, took the tour, and did the cherry pit spitting contest. Paul and I won the cherry spitting contest based on our gender. Wow, I bet that would look really good on a resume.

I bought a bottle of my favorite wine Summer Breeze with the sailboat on the label.

Then the cab driver picked us up and took us back to the marina.

I decided to wait in the cab by myself with the driver while everyone braved the rain to walk their wine back to their boats. The cab driver proceeded to tell me her whole life story and all of the issues she is having with her teenagers. I really felt rather uncomfortable.

Who shares all of their personal life experiences with a complete stranger?? Oh wait…isn’t that what I do?? Damn…who am I to judge then?

The rain keeps falling..

One thought on “Day 6: Sister Bay

  1. Laundry and sailboats… we throw everything in together now. At our marina sometimes there’s limited machines, sometimes there’s too long a wait, sometimes you just need to get everything done. Haha today I washed a horse blanket along with delicates, dish towels, and everything else in the laundry bag.

    The musty towel smell is inescapable since moving aboard when its wet outside. During weeks when it rains no stop, towels never dry fully and I agree about feeling dirtier than before I showered. I work 30 miles from the marina and I’ve been tempted to bring the towels with me to work just to get them off the water to dry.

    BUT look at where you were, look at why you were drying off with that stinky towel (yuck, just thinking about that smell!) On a boat! When I run into boat issues like that and tons of other ones, I have to take a pause and think about just being on a boat at all.

    By the way, I think you’ve been out more this year than we have hahaha!

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