Fortune cookie wisdom #21

“You will conquer obstacles to achieve success.”

It’s been over two years since I shared my little nuggets of fortune cookie wisdom with you. I feel life has finally settled down enough to give you a little of the light and fluffy that I promised months ago and didn’t deliver on.

I’ve always had a fascination with fortune cookies, not necessarily because I believe every word is true, but because they are interesting. It seems like my husband always gets the over the top wonderful ones, so if I ever share one of those, it’s probably his. For example, the last time my husband and I got fortune cookies I got an unmemorable recyclable fortune. My husband cracked open his cookie and inside were 3 fortunes (three!!!) telling him how wonderful he is. True story.

When I was a teenager I got a fortune cookie without a fortune. What did that mean? That I didn’t have a future? Yet here I am. I think it is extremely rare to not receive a fortune and not in a lucky way. Just like it is rare to receive 3 fortunes in one cookie. Paul is so lucky. After all, he does have me.

But back to the cookie, it does seem like success is sweeter if you have to overcome a lot to achieve it. Would you rather be given something or have to work hard to achieve success? It just doesn’t seem to mean much if life is too easy. It would be boring without something to strive for.

The words conquer, obstacles, and achieve mean a lot to me. For the longest time, I found this in running. I started with a 10k and ended with a 50k. I achieved a lot of medals. I still run and have shared the love of running with my daughter Angel. We are going to run a 5 mile race along with my husband later this month. It almost means more now watching Angel reach her goals.

Time changes people. I don’t want piles of medals anymore. I want to write a bestseller. I want to run a successful business. I want to grow as a person. I want a stronger marriage. I want to travel the world. There are a lot of obstacles in the way of achieving success in these areas. But I still want to try…

You can’t get to the top of the mountain without starting to climb. I have conquered obstacles to achieve success and I don’t want to stop now even if I have to start all over.

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