The cure for autism part 2

It is amazing what an extreme loss of control can do to a relatively sane persons mind. My mom has now taken over the cure since my dad’s little misstep in part 1. I can’t remember the order of the cures anymore, just the cures themselves. 

This cure is to keep my brother away from all exhaust fumes. My parents had a somewhat long gravel driveway. In the summer of the refrain from auto exhaust cure, my mom set up sawhorses half way down the driveway. No one was allowed to park or go past those sawhorses with a motorized vehicle without the wrath of my mother. My dad even used a non motorized push lawn mower that summer. In those days, we still did not have A/C in the house. If there was an east wind, we had to barricade the house and lock all the windows so the wind would not blow auto exhaust fumes in the house. 

Riding in the car was particularly tricky. Back then the major highways by us were two lanes. Being behind a semi would elicit a panic attack from my mother. All vents blowing exhaust fumes into the car had to be turned off. My mom would go to great speeds to pass the trucks. 

The winter provided new challenges too. My dad would snowblow the driveway and get exhaust fumes on his clothing. If he did not remove his outer clothing in the garage my mom would scream at him for bringing exhaust fumes into the house. 

Big surprise that this cure did not work. Please if you know who I am, please do not tell my mother about this blog. I still need to protect her. 

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