Cats part 1

i awoke again this morning to the sound of my cats crying. Painful crys, not the cry of hunger.

My mom was offered 2 free cats. I was so excited, I remember going to pick them out. We never had a pet before. It was a fall day, I vaguely remember seeing pumpkins in a field. I’ll take the black cat and the tiger striped cat. I loved the kittens. They were so soft, I loved stroking their beautiful glossy fur. They were my cats, I picked them out and I loved them. 

Matt hurt my cats, but it was okay. I made a safe little cubby hole for them to hide in. But I couldn’t always protect them. Sleep stopped me. I woke up again to the awful wailing of the cats. God, make it stop. Matt wrapped his arms underneath the front two arms of my cat and bent over squeezing them. They would cry, he would laugh. One day my indoor cats were gone. Mom said they both ran away. I think Matt killed them, but I don’t want to know. Mom always said hate the autism, but don’t hate Matt. 

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