The cure to autism part 4

Matt needed more help than the local allergist could provide. That summer we took another road trip with aunt Grace from WI to Texas to a hospital that specialized in caring for people with severe environmental allergies. But first Matt had to go through a major detox. I think it may have included extreme fasting. Now Matt had what doctors called a failure to thrive. Fasting made him very sick and feverish, mom thought he was going to die. 

Mom, aunt Grace, Luke, Matt, and I loaded up the car for our “vacation” to Texas. The plan was that we would drive to Texas, leave aunt Grace’s old car there for mom and fly back home doing the reverse for their trip home.  We made it there in 2 days. Time to drop off mom and Matt for the summer.  To enter the hospital, we had to wear 100% Cotten clothes, no synthetic fibers. Mom bought a new wardrobe that summer like she was going on a cruise. Reading tags for the 100% cotton. 

Mom made a lot of changes after the hospital trip. We got rid of our wood stove and got an expensive electric furnace that was safe for people with allergies. My brother got a charcoal mask to wear to filter toxins. If any farmer or the county sprayed pesticides within a half mile of the house, she would call them upset that we did not have time to leave the area. She took down her curtains in the bedroom because they had formaldehyde in them and put up old sheets. We had to brush our teeth by rinsing our toothbrush in peroxide and dipping it in baking soda. Glass bottled water only for Matt even though we had artesian spring water flowing from our well.  Any new items had to “gas out” in the garage before it was allowed in the house. 

No perfume, nail polish, or hair spray for me. No problem, I took my hair spray to school with me. Sneaking around the middle school like the girls who packed trashy clothes that their parents wouldn’t let them wear out of the house. C’mon it was the 80’s, I wore a half bottle of hair spray a day. 

Still no cure. 

3 thoughts on “The cure to autism part 4

    • My brother is now 39 years old. He has been living in a group home as my parents are in their upper 60’s. He hasn’t had a violent episode for almost 13 years. The middle childhood and teens years were hands down the most difficult. He seemed to have an excessive amount of energy during those years with multiple daily aggressive behaviors to self and others.

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      • That is good to hear that he is doing better. My daughter is a preteen with aggressive behaviors to her self and others. I was just curious to see how he made out with his life. Thank you for answering me back 🙂


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