The cure for autism part 5

Homeopathic remedies and alternative medicine. We had 3 doctors that fit into this category. I only went along with Matt to the first doctor one time. All I can remember is the doctor asking if Matt’s urine smelled like popcorn. We travelled a couple of hours to see him and he seemed to be pretty legit. 

The second doctor was Asian. I think he was he was an immigrant from China bringing over his homeopathic elixirs, but that is a little hazy as I was pretty young. Again this doctor was several hours away. He had a tiny little office in a questionable neighborhood. His machine was in a small, dark room. The reading machine itself was the size of a mini fridge. It had a cord coming out of it hooked up to what looked like a computer mouse with a pointed end like a pen cap. He explained that there are certain locations on the hand that corresponded with the functioning of specific organs. I think the machine had a 1 to 100 scale. The higher the reading the worse shape your organ was in. The machine also emitted a sound, the higher the reading the higher the tone. He also showed us that nothing happened on the machine when the mouse was placed in the wrong spot. 

I remember him telling me that my nerves were shot. Although it didn’t take a genius to figure that out. I was a scrawny little kid, holding my body stiff as a board. I held my shoulders up to my ears and had hyper vigilant eyes. He gave us medicine in little glass bottles that had a dropper to administer. We put drops under our tongue and held it there until we counted to 100 before spitting it out. We had to come back every couple months to see if there was any improvement. Sometimes it was kind of difficult because mom said he had issues with something called a medical license. 

We also had a local homeopathic dentist. He was a very kind and caring man. He didn’t use the machine on us very often and said to never tell anyone that he had it. He took out all of our mercury fillings. After a rather long practice, he eventually lost his medical license too. 

Still no cure. 

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