Fortune cookies

Up until this week, a majority of my fortune cookies have said similar things. You will lead a mediocre, boring, uneventful, mundane life but you have music in your heart. My husband, Paul, gets fortune cookies that say you have a brilliant business mind, you will conquer the world, sunshine comes out of your….. Well, you get the picture. Who writes these things? Did you ever get the the same fortune twice? I haven’t. I am not a superstitious person, however as a teen I cracked open a fortune cookie and nothing was inside at all. I was worried. What did it mean? Did the fortune cookie writer have writer’s block? Someone said I was very fortunate because it was rare not to get a fortune. I wore every seat belt I could find on my way home that day. 

This week I opened a great fortune cookie. It was so great that I almost automatically handed it over to my husband thinking it was for him until I saw the learn Chinese word on the bottom. The learn Chinese word was run. Since I am training for a marathon, this one seemed to have my name written on it. Here is what it said: The luck that is ordained for you will be coveted by others. I sure could use a little luck. I will be spending the holiday weekend up north with my entire side of the family. Plus my in-laws will be stopping by. Yikes!

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