My first marathon

I just put the 26.2 sticker on the back of my car! Let me start this off by saying that my first marathon was nothing like I expected. I really feel bad. Right now I feel like the expectant mother who prematurely claims that “her child” will always behave and never cry, then gets hit by the 2×4 of reality. 

I figured that since I completed the half in a little more than 2 hours that I should be able to complete the full in a little over four. Seems logical, right?? The first 18 miles were going according to this plan. I got to the 18 mile mark right around 3 hours. Things were going pretty good. Then things went from good to okay to terrible in the matter of a mile. My left leg locked up. I experienced cramps that felt like someone hit me in the knee with a crowbar and my ankle felt sprained. I was in excruciating pain. The Gu that was promised at mile 10 arrived at mile 15. I was a wreck. At this point, I was limping along. People were kind and asked if I needed help. All of the training I spent on this for this! Never once did I cramp up like this on long runs. I was heartbroken. It took me almost 3 hours to finish the last 8 miles. 

Right around mile 18, I ran into a girl a lot younger than me who was in a similar predicament. We helped each other have the courage to finish. I pulled her across an intersection both of us waddling, laughing hysterically about how foolish we must look. Hand in hand, she pulled me across the finish line. I still cannot bend my left leg without a considerable amount of pain. But will I do this again? Of course, I have to redeem myself…

5 thoughts on “My first marathon

  1. Congratulations on finishing!!!!! That is a huge accomplishment. I’m sorry to hear your leg cramped midway through, but the important part is that you stuck through it and you even found someone struggling as well who you could finish it with. I’m sure it helped to have someone to finish with. Our bodies don’t always cooperate, but I’m sure the next marathon will be even better. Keep training and you will do great. Just rest for now.

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    • Thanks! It did become an accomplishment just to finish it. There were a lot of people hurting at the end. Young people that looked physically fit. The girl I ran with was in her 20s, didn’t train at all, and was a smoker. Lots of people a little older than me were really struggling. I am going to keep trying and am going to google cramping and nutrition like crazy. I can only improve at this point. Have you thought of racing? I hope I didn’t scare anyone off. Lol

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    • Thanks! I am glad I stuck it out too even though I wasn’t too happy about it at the time! Or too happy about my time either! That was one medal that I worked hard to earn. Thanks again!


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