How can I sleep??

Noise! Sometimes I would give anything to be able to sleep.

When my kids were little, I would have given anything to sleep until 8. Now as teens they sleep in past eight. But I still wake up at 6. I try to sleep in, but I can’t. 

Last night my oldest daughter Angelique was talking to her boyfriend on speaker phone while skyping him, sending stories on snap chat, checking her facebook feed, making bracelets, and catching up on her favorite netflix shows. How can I sleep?

My son Alex is the incessant gamer. I hear the taps of the keyboard, the clicks of the mouse, his TV that shows highlights of some gaming competition. He yells into his gaming mike, “No, no, no, what are you doing? I can’t believe you just did that. Are you a newb?” How can I sleep??

My youngest daughter Arabella just got braces this week. She had a sleepover last night with her best friend who also has braces. They spent the evening laughing, giggling, and screaming while slurring through mouths full of metal. How can I sleep???

Paul asked if I wanted to watch a movie with him at 8:00. Sure, why not? Ten minutes into the movie, I am asleep! ARRGgggg! How could I sleep??

6 thoughts on “How can I sleep??

      • I can only imagine. When my sister was a baby she cried so much and I used to go schoo like 😩 now she is a tween (which is what she refers to herself as, mind you) & we share a room all she wants to do is have a chat! X

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    • I am sure it will be quite a shock when the noisy hustle bustle busy life of having teenagers turns to silence. Your comment reminds me of when my kids were babies after sleepless nights and someone said enjoy it because they grow up fast. Now I find myself saying that to others. In five years, my house will be silent. I will try to enjoy the craziness while it lasts. Thanks for following, Dave! I look forward to reading more of your life adventures.

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