Saying goodbye to Angelique Hope

It is finished.

I survived!

It wasn’t as bad as I imagined it would be. 

The hardest part of dropping off my newly turned adult daughter at college was watching her say goodbye to her younger sister. They hugged. Angel told Arabella to call her if she needs any advice. She told her to enjoy having her own room. A few tears threatened to escape when they told each other how much they will miss each other. 

Now why couldn’t they get along that well before??

For the first time in over a decade, I will be actively parenting only 2 children!

We woke up before dawn to pack all of Angel’s belongings, including her beta fish, into our truck. It was an 8 hour round trip for Paul and I. I am totally exhausted tonight, so this will have to be quick.

It was an emotional day. 


It was hard to say goodbye. Hard to keep things together. 

I wanted to keep her forever. Instead, I let go of her hand today. 

It was okay. I know she is where she was meant to be doing what she is supposed to do. She is happy, healthy, smart, full of faith, and makes good decisions. What more could I want?

It is going to take some time before I don’t expect a response when I call out her name. 

She is not here anymore.

But my house is not empty.

I still have other children to raise..

I know she will be okay.

I will be okay too.

5 thoughts on “Saying goodbye to Angelique Hope

  1. OMG This is what I’m dreading more than anything in my entire world. My eldest is almost sixteen… my time is coming and it terrifies me. Here’s to hoping I face that day with nearly as much grace as you.

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    • Thanks! It would’ve been awkward being the only mom there hysterically crying, especially for my daughter. Lol. The separation from my daughter was very gradual. Once they get their driver’s license you will hardly see them anymore. 😥 How old are your children?


      • I have a fifteen year old and a six year old. The oldest is more mature than I am half the time, and it scares the life out of me! I’m looking at a near future when I lose her to the world, and I’m not entirely sure if I’m going to be ready… I’ll probably have to fake it, lol

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  2. Thank you for this post, you will have to let us know how you go with this throughout the year. I will be facing the same situation at the beginning of next year as my eldest daughter is finishing her senior year this year. I hope I manage as well as you.

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