Fortune cookie wisdom #7

You will travel far and wide, both for pleasure and business.

I really love this one!

I have a dream to see the world, near and far…

I’m never going to stop until I reach the end of the path.

As of right now, I visited 32 out of 50 states. Of these states, I visited California, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and Tennessee for business. Next month I am planning on crossing Nevada off of my list.

It isn’t on my bucket list to visit all of the United States, although it would be nice. My plans are far more grandiose than that. I want to visit all of the continents. So far, I’ve crossed off North America and Asia. I plan to cross off South America and Europe within the next 5 years. I even warmed up to the idea of visiting Antarctica.

A couple of days ago, I visited my friend Jen. She recently found out that she has an aggressive type of terminal cancer. The prognosis is not good. Next month will be Jen and her husband’s 25th anniversary. They booked a trip to Hawaii to celebrate. It doesn’t look like they will be going. They wanted to go to Alaska for their 20th anniversary, but never did. Now it is too late.

I don’t want to travel for special occasions anymore. I want to travel because I want to travel. I told myself that after we got back from visiting Thailand for our 20th anniversary. Time is too short.

We couldn’t travel far when we first started out. We didn’t have the extra money. We were tied down to the business. More importantly, we didn’t have anyone to help with the kids. We were lucky if we were able to get away alone one weekend a year for many years.

My husband was 40 before he stepped foot on a plane for the first time. But once he did, we both decided that we would like to travel more.

We never went anywhere as kids, but our kids went to many places already.

We took the kids to Disney World, their first time on a plane.

We showed them a world of wonder that we never got to see growing up.

I guess the moral of the story is not to wait until it is too late to cross things off your bucket list.

It doesn’t have to be a trip to Asia. When the kids were in their middle childhood years, we traveled extensively around the state. We went tent camping to over a dozen different places, mainly state parks. We braved a couple ferocious storms. We biked many trails, went to nature programs, swam in many lakes, picnicked on gorgeous beaches, hiked through the woods, fished, and watched sunsets while the crickets chirped.

After Paul got into sailing, we started similar adventures on water.


It doesn’t have to be expensive to be fun. Take what you have and work with it..

I have a dream to see the world, near and far…

I’m never going to stop until I reach the end of the path.


11 thoughts on “Fortune cookie wisdom #7

      • Yes, the dells…water park capital of the world which I never understood because we only have about a 3 month period of outside fun. The dells hosts many indoor water parks. The best outdoors are Noah’s Ark and Mt Olympus. Mt Olympus also hosts roller coasters as well. Both are awesome!

        Plus the dells is home of Devil’s Lake State Park. It is a beautiful lake surrounded by bluffs. I will be there to run a trail marathon in a couple months. Fun times. 😀

        The dells is a bit of a tourist trap. Big city lines and prices.

        If you like cities, Madison is beautiful. Door county, the thumb of our state is beautiful. Check out Lake Michigan or Lake Superior. The Lake Superior area is great to visit if you like solitude. But the water there is very cold. Too cold to swim in, but I think it is one of the top 5 places to visit for beauty.

        Please let me know if you ever need any suggestions, I would love to share what to see and what to avoid, best times of year to go, anything… 😀

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      • It is! There are ice caves in the winter. In the upper peninsula of MI, there is a shipwreck museum in Paradise. The state parks are beautiful with sand dunes, bluffs, and amazing empty beaches. The Pictured Rocks in Munising is very picturesque. Ashland and Superior in WI are charming small towns on the lake. It is cool there year round. Most people don’t have A/C. You could take a ferry to tour some of the islands. Northern Wi is very scenic with its plentiful lakes, waterfalls, hiking trails, etc. Very quiet and remote.

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