Fortune cookie wisdom #23

“Everything is possible; just not so probable.”

Another great fortune cookie! How true! I think the possibilities motivates most of us in thoughts and actions.

How many people do you know that won the lottery? How many people do you know that buy lottery tickets?

I admit I am a very black and white all or nothing thinker. I try to tell myself I am a realist, but really??

I thought I could qualify for the Boston marathon on my first marathon.

I only know one person out of a lot of great runners who qualified and ran in the Boston marathon.

I think the book I’m writing could be a bestseller.

I don’t personally know anyone who wrote a bestseller out of all the authors I know.

As a child I thought if I could be close to perfect my dad would love me.

Whether my dad loves me or not is not dependent on how great of a daughter I am or am not.

Although my son absolutely hated high school, I thought he would love college.

My son hated college too and dropped out.

I thought the residential mental health facility would cure my daughter’s mental illness.

My daughter is still mentally ill.

Healthy people don’t get sick.

I’ve known of several healthy people who battled severe illness. Healthy people don’t live forever either..

I thought if I was a safe driver I wouldn’t get in an accident.

I got into a car accident even though I was a safe driver.

It’s true, anything is possible. With the odds stacked against us somehow we keep trying to reach for the possible, not probable. It’s all part of the journey.

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