Gratitude week 108

  1. A big shout out to Paul for breaking up with our pastor before we left on our trip. Paul decided to tell him in person that we are leaving the church.
  2. The vet who came out to put our dog down made a donation to the humane society in our dog’s name and sent us a handwritten card expressing her sympathy. I liked the special touch.
  3. My brother Mark and his wife Carla also sent us a sympathy card for our dog. It meant a lot since Carla can be a difficult person. It was nice to know they care and are thinking of us.
  4. Paul and I had a nice little getaway in Las Vegas with our friends. I did warm up to gambling more than I thought I would. We had some nice meals.
  5. Paul and I got a couple’s massage in Las Vegas. It helped me have a more relaxing time.
  6. We had a safe trip back home. The flights were pretty uneventful, so I’m grateful for that.
  7. We are planning on getting together with some old friends tonight for cards and to watch the Packer game.
  8. I’m grateful that our trip was drama free and there weren’t any problems at home.
  9. I’m grateful to be able to get back into the swing of things again a little more refreshed.
  10. Clean sheets and to sleep in my own bed.

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