Gratitude week 141

  1. Summer, we had several warm weather days at the end of the week.
  2. It was so nice out on Friday that I said screw it and put off my to do list. I decided we should spend one day of the week just relaxing and taking it easy. It shouldn’t be reserved for that one warm day at the end of the season.
  3. I was able to spend time with all my kids this week.
  4. I finally found my shoes for the wedding. I searched harder for those shoes than the prince did to find Cinderella.
  5. Taking time to remember 9/11.
  6. The landscaping company that did our big project last year is going to replace somewhere around 30 plants that either died or didn’t come in. I’m really grateful for that because it looks like crap. I really wanted to understand what the problem was. I think what happened was since they did the project in November right before the ground froze they did not get the proper watering and care they needed to grow and thrive.
  7. We watched a really good series on Netflix called Devil in Ohio.
  8. Our elderly friend Vince stopped by for a visit.
  9. The grocery store had a really good deal on salmon and crab legs which we enjoyed over the weekend.

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