Gratitude week 158

  1. I’m grateful this past week is over, it was a rough week.
  2. I had my dentist appointment with no problem areas.
  3. I went thrifting afterwards to treat myself. Although I didn’t find much it was nice to take some time to do something I wanted to do.
  4. One of my favorite cousins from out of state will be visiting and spending the night here in a couple days.
  5. Last night my husband and I went out with a group for my best friend’s birthday. We ate at a new to me Mexican restaurant which had the best Mexican food and went to a comedy show.
  6. It felt good to laugh. I haven’t done a lot of that this past week.
  7. I think there is a lot of potential that we will become friends with the other couple we went out with for my friend’s birthday. Possible new friend group??
  8. Today I went out to eat at the Indian restaurant with my daughter Angel and her husband. Afterwards Angel and I sorted donations at the place my husband and I volunteer at. I’m always grateful for the time visiting my daughter.

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