Gratitude week 170

  1. Life has been really tough the last week and a half with our daughter in jail. I’m grateful for all the support from family and friends. When my best friend found out, she dropped everything she was doing and came over to our house with her husband. It was comforting to not be alone.
  2. I’m grateful March is over and we are one step closer to my favorite season, summer. March came in like a lion and roared like a lion on its way out. We got a lot of snow and still have snow on the ground so it doesn’t feel very spring like.
  3. I hosted a murder mystery party over the weekend which was a lot of fun. I was the only one who guessed the murderer correctly. (Although Paul didn’t have the opportunity because he found out his character was the murderer).
  4. We spotted the fox in our yard a couple more times which is a rare sighting.
  5. Volunteering and helping others.
  6. A good group session.
  7. I got my third tattoo, a cross in the middle of my back. To me it symbolizes suffering and the endurance of it. All my tattoos have special meaning to me.
  8. I was able to do some writing when I was in a bad place. For me that seems like the best time to write my story because I can write with more feeling and purpose.
  9. Last night we got together with some friends we are traveling with at the end of the month for supper and games.
  10. Today my mom came over and we went out to eat for lunch and went for a walk. It was a good visit.
  11. We were able to hire a lawyer for our daughter and we are working on getting her an official diagnosis.
  12. My son got promoted to a team leader at work and got a good raise.

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