Gratitude week 176

  1. We found a nice day to sail our sailboat to its summer home.
  2. I started magnet fishing. I didn’t find anything cool yet, such as murder weapons, but I did get two screws and a bungee.
  3. Paul, Angel, and I went to a NAMI family support group meeting.
  4. Our women’s group decided to meet once a month and we met over this past weekend.
  5. I saw my therapist.
  6. My son quit his job and decided to go back to school. He is also helping us part-time with our business. It really is nice to have him be a part of things more.
  7. I went to Bunco (didn’t win) but was able to visit with some people I haven’t seen since before COVID.
  8. My son and I went shopping for flowers today. I did end up buying a banana plant. We’ll see if it bears fruit before I kill it.
  9. Mother’s Day went better than I expected. I have been kind of down because today is my daughter’s 20th birthday and with that and Mother’s Day it’s really hard that she’s in jail.
  10. So…Mother’s Day…My daughter and her husband spent the afternoon with me because they visited his mother the previous night. My husband smoked ribs. My mom came over for lunch which was nice because I haven’t seen her for over a month. It was a cold day so we stayed inside and played craps. My friends came over with fresh fish to surprise us. They visited for a long time which was really a mood booster. Angel, Alex, and I started the process of creating a song together. Then later in the evening my son and his girlfriend took me to the casino. It was a really good day.
  11. Our industrial dehumidifier went out but thankfully that was an easy fix.
  12. Everything is finally in bloom. We are entering my favorite time of year.

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