The cure for autism, part 6 

The new age mystical crystal healer….I know you were just waiting for this. 

My mom joined a food co-op back in the day where she could buy organic/health food in bulk. Every month they would go through a long catalog of items for ordering, foods that we could easily walk into a grocery store and buy today. Then once a month, early in the morning, they would unload their purchases from a semi. My mom was a member of the co-op along with a large group of Eastern Orthodox Catholic women buying food in bulk for their large families. It was through these Catholic women that my mom heard that there was a healer in town. 

My mom invited the healer into our house. She told us stories about getting married an hour after she met her husband. She was an empathetic listener and a bit eccentric. She told me that I had a good yellow aura. I liked her but it felt like she could look right into your very soul. She told us that we had a very powerful negative force field in our backyard. The negative force field was taking good energy. This is very sketchy, but I think that she wanted my mom to buy crystals to ward off this negative energy. 

Eventually the Catholic women realized that this woman was into new age healing and she was not welcome anymore. My mom decided to follow suit. Even though she liked the healer, she would not compromise her beliefs. 

Still no cure. 

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