Confessions of an inexperienced blogger

I have been a blogger for almost a month now. I am a “cave man (mom?)” blogger. I don’t know what I am doing. I can barely figure out how to capitalize letters much less add pictures. And talking about pictures, should I add one of myself? Will people know who I am? Is that ok? I’ll be completely honest, I was going to link my blog to my Facebook account but I couldn’t figure out how to do it. But then I thought, how am I going to be completely honest if people that don’t really know me really know me. When asked if the dress makes you look fat, I usually say green really is your color. I change the subject when I really want to say that dress makes you look fat. So I decided it would be better to share all the personal experiences in my life with complete strangers. 

I’m sorry I never “liked” your blog, I did like it. Sorry I never responded to your comments, I haven’t figured out how yet. I always knew I would end up being a writer. As a child, I would sit in my room and write novels on paper. Yes, paper! Who ever thought something like this would be possible? Now I could never write fiction. My walk through life so far has been so interesting and crazy that I couldn’t be imaginative enough to make half of this crap up. I will work harder to try to figure out the technology end of blogging. These are the crazy thoughts that keep me up at 4 AM. 

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