Broken snow globes – 911, poison control, and other parenting mishaps

Back when Angel was a very little girl, perhaps before her siblings were born, I started a snow globe collection for her. Beautiful dancers and assorted wildlife swirled in the glistening snow. I put her collection safe up high on a ledge that she, for sure, couldn’t reach. She could gaze at them during nap time.

Ah, nap time. Well, what was supposed to be nap time.

When I entered her room that afternoon, there was a carnage of broken creatures that escaped their forever winter out of shattered glass. All of the snow globes were broken and Angel had glitter coming out of her mouth.

I called poison control that day.

What do you suspect is in snow globe water? Not drinking water, I’m sure.

Is eating globs of globe glitter harmful?

God forbid, did she swallow any of the glass??

Somehow she managed to survive until adulthood.

I learned a valuable lesson that day. Even if I had the snow globes suspended from the ceiling, they wouldn’t be high enough to keep out of the hands of a curious toddler.

Not long after that, I put the number for poison control on speed dial.


2 thoughts on “Broken snow globes – 911, poison control, and other parenting mishaps

  1. I just happened to see this posting. So glad your daughter is okay! Imported snow globes are often marked “novelty use only” or “not for children” which allows the makers to put whatever they want inside, including such hazardous liquids as antifreeze. (Yes, ANTIFREEZE!) This is toxic to pets and harmful to children.
    As one of the very very few remaining U.S. artists working solely with original snow globes, I can assure you we use a non-toxic liquid so that — other than cleaning up the mess — any mishap involving one of our snow globes will not end badly. Our liquid tastes awful, but it won’t hurt anyone, human or pet.
    And, just so you know, most mylar glitter won’t do any harm if swallowed. I know this because my kids always seemed to have a few sparkles in their, er, diapers, when they were little. Like you, I’m glad they have grown up, happy and healthy.
    Keep on sparkling!

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