Annoying annoyances

Today I got annoyed with myself for being so easily annoyed.

I am very hypersensitive. Other people in my family have the same traits. My autistic brother has this to the extreme.

I have extremely good hearing. When people told me that cranking my radio would make me hard of hearing, they lied. I think I will be like my aunt Grace. She couldn’t see a damn thing, but she could hear a pin drop. When I was her caregiver at the end, the noise of having my family around would bother her. She demanded the silence that a young family could not give.

I understand now. I practically wake up during the night when I hear my neighbors down the road fart. Seriously, how annoying is that?? I can hear conversations across the room. I am so distracted by the noise of someone chewing that I have a hard time focusing on what they are saying. I make faces like I am disgusted with them for chewing because I am. I hear noise frequencies that only teenagers and small children are supposed to hear. It drives me insane!

It doesn’t end there…I am also hypersensitive to bright lights. I prefer a dark house. Bright lights in the morning slice through my eyes causing my eyes to squint and water.

I am hypersensitive to touch. I feel the tags scratching my skin. I can feel the slightest mosquito touch. Touch is generally uncomfortable. Aunt Grace was like that too. She didn’t even like the touch of animals.

I am hypersensitive to textures. I will not eat coconut although I like the flavor. Forget mushrooms, onions, and shrimp.

I find it annoying to be annoyed all of the time. It really makes it hard to have relationships with other people. Everything is okay if people don’t touch me or make any noise. Maybe that is why I enjoy my blogging friends so much..

9 thoughts on “Annoying annoyances

  1. That’s funny- I annoy the heck out of my wife. I can tell if there is food going bad in the fridge because I can smell it. I have some hearing nuances like you, only loid music did hurt mine. I can hear conversations across the room, but the frequency of a conversation two feet from my face is very difficult to hear at times. I make faces at people too, they probably think I’m a jerk. Thanks for sharing

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    • It’s funny but I always thought is was everyone else that was annoying when it was really just me. Maybe this whole blogging self discovery thing is too much. Lol. Again another plus of blogging…we don’t have to deal with people and can still be social. I don’t have to hear others chew. You can’t smell my rotting food. It all works out. 😀

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