Meet me in the middle

I cancelled my son’s appointment for his annual physical today. He said now that he is 18 he no longer wants to receive preventative care from the doctor or dentist. He only wants to go in if there is a problem. I hope that works out well for him. I can’t see how it would. Maybe someone else will have better luck changing his stubborn mind.

My daughter in college, on the other hand, went to the ER several times last year. She went to the ER the first week she was back in college this year. They did every single test imaginable and couldn’t find anything wrong. I’m thankful that she is okay, but I wasn’t too excited when a $2400 medical bill (after insurance) arrived in the mail. She is starting to make payments on the bill, but really can’t afford to.

Why do they have to go to extremes in the opposite direction?? It’s driving me crazy!

Sometimes you just can’t win.

And to think I thought I would be done parenting when my kids became adults!





6 thoughts on “Meet me in the middle

  1. That is so interesting. My stepdaughter is the same way. She’ll go to the ER or Prompt Care for just about every ache or pain she has, and I can tell you that she is the healthiest 23 year old on the planet – we have proof 😦 So, why is that? Is it something we as parents or society have done to our kids to make them feel like this is normal? Part of it may be that her mother, my wife, goes to the Dr. quite a bit as well. I go for my annual checkup or when I have something that I can’t deal with on my own. Otherwise, I think it’s wasteful – partly why American healthcare is so expensive I’m sure. I don’t for a second begin to think I understand the actions of millennials though, so guess we’ll just have to deal with it until she’s 26 and has to get healthcare on her own. Good luck with the son – I’ll think he’ll come around.

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