Stopping by

Monday night after 10 I was dozing off on the couch when Arabella came home briefly proclaiming she was just going to get some of her things. She didn’t seem to want to talk which was fine with me as I was feeling rather depressed about the whole situation. I decided to finish getting ready for bed. Paul came in and asked me if I wanted to talk to her. I said I didn’t. After her accusations of starvation, torture, and abuse by my hand specifically I didn’t think that talking was going to do any good.

I heard snippets of Paul’s conversation with her…you need to knock off the accusation bullshit…destroying you mother, she might never recover…can’t come waltzing in here after 10 PM and upset everyone…you need to let us know before you stop by…not welcome here if you can’t apologize to your mother for how you have been treating her…

No one at our house slept well that night. The next morning my mom called. She said she wanted to let me know Arabella has been recording our conversations. I felt sick about it as I thought of our last few conversations in person. She seemed calm as she pushed our buttons. That is why I didn’t want to talk with her because it wasn’t going to go anywhere besides me being upset. I had to protect myself from her abuse and got to the point where enough is enough. She was delusional like this before but this is the first time after she turned 18. I did everything I thought I could do.

She tried to get my mom to listen to the recordings but my mom wanted nothing to do with it. My mom also told me Arabella was planning on checking into an inpatient mental health facility. She did end up checking into the hospital for a couple days. I felt so much better knowing she did that. Finally she was getting some help.

Arabella does not want to talk to me. I haven’t talked to her since she hung up on me twice. Every time I try she pushes me away. I decided if she wanted to talk to me she can call me and I would talk to her. Paul still has been trying to reach out. He tried calling her at the hospital on Saturday and they told him she was discharged. I had a sinking feeling in my gut. I decided to go to the Halloween party on Saturday after all. I couldn’t isolate and let this ruin me. My mom texted that Arabella showed up again at her house while we were on our way to the party. I had a couple of days feeling okay because she was safe but I don’t feel that way anymore.

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