Gratitude week 169

  1. It’s been one of those weeks and I want to think everything that happened worked out for the best.
  2. My son’s girlfriend was having issues with a guy harassing her at work which has been resolved and she is able to keep her job.
  3. I met my friend Jen out for lunch. She had her yearly cancer screen this week and her cancer has not progressed and continues to remain stable which is great news.
  4. This past week I redeemed the spa package I won and had an afternoon of pampering with my daughter Angel.
  5. I got my new glasses.
  6. Volunteering with my husband and going out to eat afterwards with the center’s manager and his girlfriend. We all seem to get along really well.
  7. Paul and I went out to eat with my brother Matt for his birthday along with my mom and his autism group and care staff. I’m grateful that he is involved in a really great program that goes out into the community to work on social skills.
  8. Ladies group.
  9. Paul and I went out to eat and saw a local favorite Pink Floyd tribute band perform.
  10. Tickets to a comedy show.
  11. Angel had her annual work review and they gave her a hefty raise.
  12. I attended a volunteer orientation webinar through the U.S. Fish and Wildlife service to volunteer this summer to do restoration work.
  13. I set up an appointment this week to get my third tattoo.

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